The unique nicotine pearl the new alternative to cigarettes

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Our mission

Satisfy your nicotine cravings anywhere, anytime.

Our Values

Innovation is at the core of our brand

After 3 years of laboratory Research and Development, the Nicopop brand has revolutionized the market of nicotine orals.

The manufacturing process of our pearl and its tube distributor have been patented since 2019.

Integrity & Respect

Whether it is about business practices, the selection of its partners, quality, Nicopop places integrity at the heart of the company's values.

The Nicopop pearl is designed to respect others, avoiding any nuisance caused by smoke and smell, and therefore allows freedom of use.


Nicopop's attractive price makes it product affordable to the greatest number of people.

Production & Manufacturing

All the steps of our production process are internalized from the pearl creation to the its packaging.