The unique nicotine pearl the new alternative to cigarettes

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A patented technology

A multilayer pearl for a perfect dose of nicotine

A precise dosage : 8mg of nicotine/g

Each tube contains 60 pearls perfectly dosed in nicotine, its measuring cap allows a contactless absorption of the pearl, according to the intensity targeted.

A comfort in all circumstances

Let the Nicopop pearl melt under your tongue, its unique format allows you to satisfy your need to smoke discreetly, at any time. The nicotine is diffused evenly with same intensity until total dissolution.

A risk reduction by the absence of combustion

The Nicopop pearl contains no tobacco, no solvent and no sugar.

The Nicopop tube

A unique and discreet format, with a dispensing cap for precise dosage.

The Nicopop tube is 100% recyclable, and allows a conservation without alteration.

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