The unique nicotine pearl the new alternative to cigarettes

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8mg/g of nicotine

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What are the advantages of Nicopop pearls?

Our sublingual pearl solution (which melts under the tongue) is an oral nicotine device that offers an alternative to cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

Discreet and practical, nicopop satisfies nicotine cravings at any time and without constraint, even in places where smoking is prohibited.

Tobacco-free and combustion-free, nicopop is 99% less harmful than cigarettes. It is not a substitute for a cessation device such as patches or chewing gum.

Wherever smoking is impossible, Nicopop is the solution.

There are many restrictions on smoking, and the places where smoking is permitted are becoming more and more restricted: on planes and trains, in offices, restaurants and cinemas....

There are other solutions, such as pouches (tobacco-free nicotine sachets) or medical devices, but these are more restrictive and less practical.

Your intensity

Your flavor

Your moment

Nicopop sublingual pearls are specially designed to release nicotine at the intensity you target, by subtly releasing the chosen flavor.

Ever greater choice

Our Nicopop range offers you a large selection of flavors, to satisfy all your desires.



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