The unique nicotine pearl the new alternative to cigarettes

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What is the difference between Nicopop pearls, nicotine pouches and snus?

Although they are consumed in the same way, nicotine pouches and snus are not identical. Nicopop nicotine pearls are a completely different product with many advantages. These alternatives to cigarettes have several differences, we explain.

The particularities and differences between nicotine pouches, snus and Nicopop pearls

Snus, a specialty from Sweden

Snus is a popular product in Sweden, but also in Norway, Finland and Switzerland. It is made from dried then re-moistened tobacco leaves and comes in the form of sachets to be placed between the gum and the upper lip.
In order to protect consumers, snus has been banned since 1992 in the Union European, except in Sweden where the law authorizes the country to sell it on its territory but not to export it.

Snus are not very hygienic products due to the process of using them and the presence of tobacco which ultimately colors the teeth of consumers. Added to this are cardiovascular, nervous system and oral health problems.

Pouches, (or nicotine sachets), but without tobacco

Unlike snus, nicotine pouches are authorized in France and contain no trace of tobacco. Indeed, these products are composed of plant fibers and nicotine.
In a pouch, nicotine, as well as the aromas are delivered between 20 min to 1 hour of use and are consumed in a similar way to snus between the gum and the lip.
This product is not carcinogenic but the presence of nicotine can cause a health risk and create an addiction.

Finally, unlike snus, pouches do not cause discoloration on the teeth, but also cause hygienic and oral problems with irritation and inflammation of the gums and teeth.

Nicopop pearls, a unique innovation in all circumstances

Thanks to its unique and discreet format, Nicopop pearls are easily distinguished from pouches and snus by their method of consumption sublingual (to let melt under the tongue) Just like nicotine pouches, this product is legal in France. Its technology is patented and its composition is nicotine-based and does not contain tobacco.

Unlike snus and pouches, taking a Nicopop pearl is more elegant and more discreet. Its dispenser cap allows it to be consumed without direct contact with the hands. Finally, you get a precise dosage of nicotine based on the desired intensity. Each pearl contains 8 mg/g of nicotine, simply take the number of pearls according to your need (1, 2 or 3 in one dose) to obtain the right dosage andsatisfy your desire to smoke discreetly , anywhere and anytime.

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The benefits of Nicopop nicotine pearls

Small and easy to use, Nicopop beads have several advantages:

  • There is no passive smoking because without combustion: no smoke and no odor for those around you
  • Whether you are on a plane, a bus, a cultural space or even a restaurant, you can use them everywhere, and whenever you want
  • With its small, recyclable tube, the product is more discreet, because it is more aesthetic and hygienic
  • Better in composition, Nicopop pearls are without added solvents and without sugar
  • These nicotine pearls are also more economical than tobacco or other alternative products
  • Nicopop pearls are flavored, choose yours: Tropical, Red fruits, Fresh mint, spearmint...